Music Social Project Collaborations

A few images from the various music social projects with whom I work with in Brazil.

Escola de Musica na Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro

First days at Escola de Musica na Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro with Isabelly, Melissa and their teacher Rafael Eveno.

Very focussed work even in the very first lessons.



Gustavo Jimenez oversees his students at ECG.

An outdoor class with two little ones.

Gustavo with some of young and very eager boys.


Programa Integração pela Música in Vassouras

Rayana do Val teaching Lara at PIM in Vassouras

Students at PIM in Vassouras learning to help each other and develop healthy, supportive friendships.


Núcleos Estaduais de Orquestras Juvenis e Infantis da Bahia (NEOJIBA) in Salvador, Bahia.

The exuberant students at NEOJIBA


The Avon Foundation sometimes provides funding for me to teach in Salvador which is a huge help. Grateful for the opportunity to work intensively with these wonderful students for a week.



Collaboration with Master luthier Jonas Caldas in Niteroi

Discussing harp building with Jonas who, as of March 2019, has built 5 harps for the Grota project. More instruments are already underway.


My preferred method of packaging – lots of bubble wrap and a bike box. Thank-you to United Airlines for their great customer service, care and support.