The project that enables musical practice programs for children and adolescents from low-income communities follows the model already exists in many Latin American countries. The social action is oriented to youth facing serious inequities due to the recurrence of hunger, violence and exposure to crime.


Through the creation of community centers that are being deployed in the city of Rio de Janeiro, 800 children and adolescents from communities Dona Marta, Babylon, Peacock Pavãozinho Hat Hose, Complexo do Alemão and Complexo da Penha can develop musical activities of different types: class theory and practice of music, orchestral instruments, choral, luthiery (repair, maintenance and construction of instruments), general knowledge, attend rehearsals and concerts of symphony orchestras of Rio de Janeiro. Additionally, they receive psychological and social care, family care and a basic food basket.


The objective of Instituto Embratel by the Social Action for Music is to promote social development not only allowing access to technology, but also offering the necessary contributions to education included knowledge and skills that can awaken the individual transformative potential.

Social Action for Music is linked to the eponymous NGO created 15 years ago by conductor David Machado, in order to promote social development through music initiative. The coordination of the project is the responsibility of the professional cellist Fiorella Solar.

SAM’s initiative impacts family members and neighbors of the young participants, contributing to the improvement of their relations in daily life and extends the tools to connect the community with the city and society as a whole. Thirst for Social Action through Music of Brazil continues to bring results. In the community of Dona Marta in Rio de Janeiro, a locale that just over a year ago was in the grip of gangs and today has Pacifying Police Units (UPP).

See here the video of the Embratel Institute for Social Action through Music project.

  Apr 12, 2014

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