This gorgeous pedal harp was donated to Harping for Harps by a very generous lady named Linda. Her harp, now named “Linda” will be on its way with me to Rio on Wednesday this week. Lots of packing tape, bubble wrap, styrofoam and cardboard will hopefully mean she arrives safely at GIG with me on Thursday morning. This will be a busy month-long trip, catching up with students, teachers and a luthier, giving a workshop on writing harp parts for orchestra and masterclasses as well. And LOTS of discussions on getting harps into music social projects with all of my collaborators in Brazil and a very exciting new one to be announced very soon. I am so eager to be back on the ground in Brazil later this week and will be sharing photos and videos on social media throughout the month. Thanks again to everyone for your generous support of this work. Together we really are making a difference. Much love and blessings to you all!

  Mar 25, 2019

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