Harp to Heart

Early in July 2020, when I became determined to find a way to bring the comfort of live harp music to people isolated and anxious due to the stresses of the pandemic, several individuals and companies were immediately excited by the idea and spontaneously offered their help. As a result, Harp to Heart has become a much more expansive project than I could ever have dared to dream.

Since then, others have heard about the project and jumped in as well.

I am deeply grateful to these Donors and Sponsors for the many and various ways they have made it possible for Amadei and me to continue this journey of love and connection.


If you have been touched by the music, please show your gratitude by supporting their companies and organizations.

Mr. Misty

Introducing Misty the Tabby! This fun loving 17 years young bundle of fun has been keeping me company along the way. He is a cat of many talents. Follow the Misty story for more

The Theatre

I turned a van into a self-contained rolling home/concert hall and with my harp, Amadei and cat, Mr. Misty,


Every concert has a special crowd. All ages and all sizes I perform for them all.


Giving Harp Music to Hearts Across Canada – Receiving Support with an Open Harp and Heart