Hi All! First of all, thank-you to Philippe for all of his amazing work in getting this site up and looking so wonderful! This is my first ever blog and though I’m feeling a bit daunted by the idea and somewhat inhibited, I’ll likely eventually be more likely to say too much than too little! Will do my best to keep my comments useful and/or interesting! Lots going on right now, especially planning for CISHI 2014 which begins in 10 days! Ensemble repertoire has all been sent out and I know everyone is practicing diligently! The lesson schedule is complete and workshop materials being prepared. Getting excited about playing Dave Brubeck’s Take Five – one of my all-time favourite pieces – with Judy, Julia and Elizabeth at the Faculty concert on July 4th. Not sure whether I’ll have the courage to improvise a solo! We’ll see…

If you don’t know about CISHI, its the Canadian International Summer Harp Institute. Look us up www.cishi.ca!

Looking forward to seeing friends again and making new ones. It is always such a joyful time of learning and collaboration between all participants and faculty alike!

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions etc to me. Would love to hear your thoughts on my new website!

  Jun 23, 2014

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Philippe Durand   Reply  

I’m so excited for CISHI 2014! Not just for the amazing faculty who I love so much, but also my fellow students and all of the amazing experiences we will all share together.

If you are a harp player, and you are not going to CISHI you are missing out!!

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