Six months have passed since my last post – how much has changed in that time? At this point, I would have actually been back in Brazil but now the covid-19 situation has kept me at home, along with the rest of the world. So now, I’m praying that we all survive this situation as well as possible and use the time it has gifted to us to consider how to build a kinder, more humane world as we move forward into future generations. I have good days, bad days, lonely ones, genuinely happy ones and every possible iteration in between. It’s been interesting to realize that now when I do feel a certain way, I have the time to actually consider why. What is my response to a particular situation or feeling trying to tell me? In a lot of ways, there are myriad opportunities for growth and not just because of the incredible breadth of new offerings on the internet. It’s really encouraging to see to what extent people are finding ways to be creative and closely connected despite our physical distancing and I’m really curious to see how this time will impact the future. Overall, I find myself feeling great hope despite the overwhelming grief and suffering that our global community is experiencing right now and I am sure that LOVE is at the centre of all that we are living right now. We need the faith, trust and courage to keep our hearts open to it.

With fewer vehicles on our roads these days, I thought you might enjoy this video of some beauties from a slightly different perspective than usual.

There has been so much happening with Harping for Harps when I first began the initiative nearly 6 years ago! A lot os people have asked to know more about it so I’ve prepared a video with some of the history and photos. I hope you enjoy it!

There will be two more short ones coming to help you get a real feel for what this journey has been like so far. I know many of you have followed it as much as possible and maybe this will help you feel even closer to the action!

From the children and from myself, thank-you very much for your support. By working together, we are truly opening bright new horizons in the lives of these young people!

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