I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself!! As of today, my first flight is booked to start out on my 9-month adventure to explore, learn, share, relax, BE! After several months of dreaming, planning, fundraising etc, it finally became clear that (thanks to Brazilian bureaucracy and the World Cup!) there was no way that the harps for which I’d been fundraising could possibly get to Brazil by September when I had planned to begin teaching there. Sooooo, time to turn things around and instead start my trip where I’d actually planned to finish – well, sort of anyway.

In fact, although I’d thought of taking time to travel “at some point in my life”, this whole adventure was precipitated by another long story. Suffice to say the main protagonists were my eldest son, Jonathan, a middle-of-the-night phone call and the most authentic people I have ever met. Having fallen in love with Nepal, I had promised myself to return as soon as I could to find some way to repay the people there for the amazing support I experienced during my short stay there in early 2013.

So here it is, July 31st, 2014, and after a life-changing 18-month journey (part of that other long story), I have finally booked a flight that will, in a slightly roundabout way, take me back to Nepal. On August 27th, I begin my 9-month sabbatical (“Granted by which institution?”, People wonder and I emphatically reply, “By myself to myself! I’ve earned it!”), not in Brazil as I had expected but instead, at the other end of the world – FIJI!

Why Fiji? Well, it’s on the way to Nepal (generally speaking!), warm, has gorgeous water, fish, birds, wind, flowers, generous, friendly people and countless islands to explore all on “Fiji time”. A perfect place to rediscover life at a different pace, recharge and begin to define myself without 47 strings attached – at least for a few months! I’ll reconnect with them when I get to Brazil in February…

  Jul 31, 2014

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