I’m really looking forward to this special evening tonight and wishing all of the mothers I know and love could be there. I have met so many incredible people in my life and travels who not only were profound role models for me but for so many others. In such turbulent times, full of confusion and fear, my prayer is that everyone in the world has someone in their life who can give them that kind of mother’s love. What a world we could have if we each experienced such unconditional love every single day!

What a crazy year 2017 was! Plenty of opportunity for growth within all the challenges. 2018 was welcomed with it’s blast of warm weather after a horribly cold Christmas. This Sunday, we heat things up even more with a concert of great music for harp and brass quintet, played by the Foothills Brass. I just love putting together a programme of unexpected and interesting musical collaborations that will draw the audience out of their comfort zones and preconceptions and into something new and exciting. Here’s to a great New Year!

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of the individuals who have already supported the 2017 Harping for Harps campaign. Thank-you! We’re getting so close! Can’t wait to get back to Brazil with more harps and to work with such wonderful young people again. The campaign total has just jumped past $5000 so I am catching up on 2 Live FB videos. Today’s video was of music from the Zelda video games! You can watch it below.

The $5K Thank-you performance will happen soon too. In the meantime, it would be wonderful to get some help with sharing of the campaign page. We really need to reach that full $6000 campaign target in order to purchase the two harps as well as strings and supplies to take to Brazil in August. Please help in whatever way you can!

Here's the video from the $2000K FB Live performance of one of my favourite harp pieces, Chanson dans la Nuit by Carlos Salzedo. Getting very close to the $3000 mark so another performance will happen soon. Please help in whatever way you can to get 2 more harps to those children in Brazil.


So excited that gradually we’re moving toward that $6K goal. Thank-you to everyone! I’ll be doing another live FB performance Friday night somewhere in Calgary. Please watch my FB page and here for details…

Happy 150th birthday to Canada in advance. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities this wonderful country provides, and for the generosity and kindness of Canadians.

Thank-you so much to everyone who is helping with this. The donations as well as sharing of the posts and videos make a big difference. Less than $500 to get to the $2000 mark and the next Facebook Live performance. Looking for a funky and not-so-windy location for it! 🙂 Stay tuned!

Thank-you so much to the people who have already supported the Harping for Harps campaign so generously. We have already passed the first $1000 mark! That means I’m due to give the first Facebook live performance – this one of Eric Satie’s beautiful First Gymnopedie. It’s going to be today (June 21st) at 1 p.m. on the Riverwalk in Calgary, at the top end of Macleod Trail across from the Harry Hays building. Stop by if you have time or watch on FB!

And at $2000 I’ll be performing Salzedo’s Song in the Night. Please help me meet that next goal!

I am really looking forward to this event coming up on Saturday, bright and early at the Calgary Tower. This will be another first in my career – finding music and modes to gently accompany yoga as the sun begins to fill the space and with the gorgeous vistas of the Rocky Mountains in the distance!

To sign up for the Summer Solstice event click here. https://app.schedulehouse.com/SH/Client/000902#shopping:passes 

This event also marks the official launch of the next


fundraising campaign with the goal of purchasing another harp to donate to one of the music social projects I volunteer with in Brazil. Here’s the link to the campaign which will go live on the 17th! Stay tuned!




As Calgary blooms in early summer, thoughts turn to romance and that’s what this concert is all about. I am thrilled to be joining Luminous Voices for my first ever performance both with them and in the stunning new Bella Concert Hall. Besides delightful a capella madrigals by Gesualdo and Monteverdi, the programme includes two major harp pieces. Benjamin Britten’s “Choral Dances” from his opera Gloriana is a set of colourful songs paying somewhat irreverent hommage to an ageing monarch. “Hesperides” by Malcolm Forsyth was composed in 2001 for chorus and two harps. Also full of whimsicle musical interjections and some rather racey 17th century poetry, this will be another fun “first” for me. Can’t wait!

Looking forward to a lovely afternoon programme of classical and world-music selections with my friend and colleague, the wonderful flutist Lucie Jones. You’ll hear a sweet sonata by Leonarda da Vinci (yes, he was also a composer!), Piazzola Tangos that demand some pretty fancy footwork and a Raga by Ravi Shankar, composed specifically for flute and harp. The concert is rounded out by a beautiful harp solo by Carlos Salzedo and finishes up with a sprightly collection of Celtic folksongs to send you home with a spring in your step.
The free concert starts at 2 p.m. in the TransAlta Pavilion in the beautiful new Taylor Centre for the Performing Arts, the new home of Mount Royal University’s Conservatory.